streetlight(off) with sun backlighting

God separates the light from the dark.

This image struck me a while ago and I immediately knew I had to share it via my blog. Unfortunately that had been languishing for quite some time. Somehow I just decided that now was the time to post this image. Perhaps the fact that I was just working on my Hebrew provided the missing link I was looking for between a text and this image. Apparently I need for an image and a text to come together in order to be able to say what I have to say.

In the regular Dutch language bible translations little justice is done to the ongoing nature of creation. Little justice is done to the fact (which for me it is) that God is constantly busy with our world. The hard part of translating is that you are constantly comnparing apples to oranges (Or Hebrew and Dutch). Mostly that’s just fine, but you can’t have a 100% accurate translation.

Peter Oussoren has a nice translation in his “Naardense Bijbel”:
“God sees the light: yes, it is good!
thus God is effecting distinction
between the light and the dark.”

(sorry about the crooked grammar, I’m trying to make a point that will not survive sequential transations)

The effecting of distinction work is still going on! That’s what struck me about this.

That is exactly hat my eye did when I saw this picture for the first time (in real life). I saw the heavenly light and the darkness on the earth. The man-made light was dark. I saw thet the heavenly light was good and that the human light paled by cpomparison. Obviously, you might say- the light is off! It would be a waste to have the light on during day-time.

Symbolicaly spoken that is correct, even in this image. You could ask yourself, and I happen to do so from time to time, what us humans have to add to the divine light? I think this image illustrates the question nicely. Why, because the suns rays in this picture were only so nicely visible for a short time, and so it is in our own lives. Sometimes we are enlightened or touched by the Divine light and we flourish. But there are times, maybe most, in which we can hardly remember the beauty of the real light. When times are this dark it certainly helps to just turn on the lights.

To me the image also represents the gulf between God and us people. We turn on the lights but the heavenly light is definitely of another order. The things we create are nothing in comparison to those God creates. Even so, in the dark times each person experiences they tend to come in awfully handy and are sometimes badly needed.

All the more beautiful are those moments when you are just walking around somewhere and you see a sight that points to the creator, still creating the heavens and the earth. Thats when you realize its all still going on and I can play a part in it, be there, just be. It gives me warm feeling and I hope it does you too.


(Originally from April, 2011. translated from my old blog)

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